Помогите написать соченение на тему мой любимый певец по английскому


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My Favourite Singer
I like music very much. There are several bands and singers that I especially enjoy listening. However, if I were asked who my favourite singer is, I would answer – Justin Timberlake. In my opinion, he is not only a gifted singer but also a good actor. His songs are all rather melodic. I have once seen one of his concerts and I should say it was an amazing show. Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis, on January 31st, 1981. He was singing and dancing from the very childhood and his musical idol was Michael Jackson. At the age of eleven he appeared on one TV show with a country music song. A bit later he became a cast member in the Mickey Mouse Club together with such future stars as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez. In 1995 the boy band ‘N Sync was formed where JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake became members. Their debut album was released in 1998. It was called ‘N Sync and in October of the same year it won the second place in the US hit parade. The album was sold in 10 million copies. In late 1999, Timberlake made his acting debut in the Disney Channel. Gradually, he became the idol of many young people. His solo career began in 2002 with a song “Like I Love You”, which he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards. His debut solo album was called “Justified”. He has released several other albums since then. Justin Timberlake is married to Jessica Biel, who is a famous actress. Apart from television work, Justin is involved in some business ventures and philanthropy. For instance, he owns three restaurants in the USA and he has been active in several charitable pursuits. He also set up his clothing line. I like almost all his songs but my favourite one is “What goes around comes around”.

Я очень люблю музыку. Существует несколько групп и исполнителей, которые я особенно люблю слушать. Однако, если бы меня спросили, кто мой любимый певец, я бы ответила - Джастин Тимберлейк. На мой взгляд, он не только одаренный певец, но и хороший актер. Его песни все довольно мелодичны. Однажды я видела один из его концертов, и должна сказать, что это было удивительное шоу. Джастин Тимберлейк родился в Мемфисе, 31 января 1981 года. Он пел и танцевал с самого детства, и его музыкальным кумиром был Майкл Джексон. В возрасте одиннадцати лет он появился в одном ТВ-шоу с песней в стиле кантри. Чуть позже он стал участником в Клубе Микки-Мауса вместе с такими будущими звездами, как Бритни Спирс, Кристина Агилера и JC Chasez. В 1995 г. была сформирована мальчишечья группа ‘N Sync, в которой участвовали JC Chasez и Джастин Тимберлейк. Их дебютный альбом был выпущен в 1998 году. Он был назван 'N Sync, а в октябре того же года он занял второе место в хит-параде США. Альбом был продан в 10 миллионов копий. В конце 1999 года Тимберлейк дебютировал на канале Дисней. Постепенно он стал кумиром многих молодых людей. Его сольная карьера началась в 2002 году с песней "Like I Love You" (Как Я тебя люблю), которую он исполнил на церемонии вручения наград MTV. Его дебютный сольный альбом был назван "Justified" (Оправдан). С тех пор он выпустил несколько других альбомов. Джастин Тимберлейк состоит в браке с Джессикой Бил, которая является известной актрисой. Помимо телевизионной работы, Джастин участвует в некоторых коммерческих предприятиях и благотворительности. Например, он владеет тремя ресторанами в США и принимает активное участие в нескольких благотворительных акциях. Он также создал свою линию одежды. Мне нравятся почти все его песни, но моя самая любимая " What goes around comes around" (Что посеешь, то и пожнешь).

My favorite singer Alain Sviridov. In its voice - extraordinary strength, emotionality and at the same time, warmth and wisdom. Me like her style of singing themselves songs, but even more inspiring resistance singer in life's difficulties. As a child, Allen used to resolve all issues itself. She was friends with the boys, and with them fought, often equal. Memory remained scar on his temple, received at the rink; scar on hand, because it was sealed by the blood vow of eternal friendship and loyalty, as well as scar on his leg - the result of the flight from the fence, serve the future singer circus rope. Alain was born in Minsk, which always seemed her center of the universe and where she received musical education. She bathed in atmosphere of love: her adored grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, husband, son, friend. In Minsk Alena was all, and most importantly - nice, warm, gracious home. But one day my heroine decided to radically change their life - in search of vocation she was in Moscow In the first years of his life in Moscow Alena elected pernicious tactics of behavior for themselves. It even nobody anywhere knew her work has not been seen and not heard, and she tried with all get acquainted, to draw attention to themselves. But it had no effect: Moscow estimates human dignity and the already completed filed the case. Losers here do not like, and the Cubs just do not pay attention. Then Sviridov crossed out for yourself pretty noisy Moscow life, social events and parties in nightclubs. She went underground and lodged for job. For work seven days a week, without relaxations, without rest. She rented an apartment in most provincial areas of Moscow and all money went solely on songwriting. And now, after two years of hard work Alena again appears before the order surprised Moscow elite that sees quite new, stylish, ironic and nobody copying singer. Her first song, its "Pink Flamingos" if out of my favorite tales of Lewis Carroll. I was pleased to learn that Lewis Carroll - one of the my favorite writers favorite singer. Moscow musical elite adopted in Allen its terms rather quickly. And as for nature, it is not prone to gossip, intrigue, mischief and pushing their heads, more She always kept a few debarred, like all, but by itself, then the ratio it had developed a worthy beau monde, in the principle of "do not judge others - and do not judge will. " This quality in the character Sviridova I love, and that I want to be like her. I do not like gossip, I do not like to discuss man behind him. Of course, if you say the truth openly, in the face, many are offended Considering its shortcomings are not subject discussion or criticism. After the first performances, professional and quality, press Alain noticed love and even did not allow her to any inventions. Conversely, named her the most stylish singer of the year. Then in her life occurred lyubovnyyroman stormy. Upon recognition of the singer, she can not be quiet. It can only live "In full" and "full speed." She fell in love and went to another, and left something very loudly, violently, all know about it. Allen does not believe in prophetic dreams. However, she sometimes dreams in which she sees the negative quality of familiar people, which currently time yet to come. If you dream of each is the enemy, then soon and occurs. According to her, as has happened repeatedly. Now Alain happy with my life. She has reliable person who helps solve everyday problems. She fought with dignity for the right person to be respected and well showed their talents. Fight for survival removed from the agenda, so Allen can fully surrender to creativity. I'd like to wish her every success. And I'll look wait for new songs Alena Sviridov filled it with energy and determination.