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1. Where do the friends buy things for the party?
2. What do the friends buy? (Make a list.)
3. What kind of cake do they need?
4. What kind of candles do they need?
5. What kind of present do they need?
6. Who wants to buy the biggest cake?
7. Who wants to buy the most expensive present?
8. What does Alex want to buy?

Olga: We need a big cake for Robin’s birthday. Alex: Is this cake OK?
Olga: No, we need a bigger cake. We need the biggest cake in the shop, assistant: This one is the biggest I’ve got.
Olga: Is it tasty? assistant: Yes, it’s the tastiest cake in the shop.
Olga: Thank you. We also need candles for the
Kolya: How about these? These are good.
Alex: No, we need longer candles. We need the longest candles in the shop.
Shop assistant: Take these. They’re the longest and the
Kolya: Fine. Now we need a really cool present. Olga: How about this model car?
Alex: No, we need a cooler present. We need the coolest present in the shop.
Kolya: I’ve got an idea. This computer game’s very
Olga: But it’s very expensive. It’s more expensive than the car.
Kolya: But it’s interesting — more interesting than
Alex: This computer game is the most expensive thing in the shop. We need a cheaper present. How about this ball?
Olga: Good idea. 1 think it’s a nice gift.
Kolya: Yes, this ball is the best present for Robin.