Составить предложения с каждым словом . Но не в той форме , в какой они в таблице , а в прошедшем времени вроде как . И не тупо "I need it", а более сложные предложения . Заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения

1. We were late for school so we needed a taxi. 
2. Yesterday I made pizza: I grated some cheese and cut the sausages. 
3. In summer I helped my granny. we graded the fruit.
4. The colours of the photograph have faded from being kept in bright light.
5. They debated a lot about this project.
6. Our grandpa hated when somebody was smoking near him.
7. I took the medicine, it abated my toothache. 
8. He was exhausted, his energy bated.