Рассказ о каком -либо фестивале на английском языке - для 5 класса


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There are many different festivals and everyone can find the most exciting and interesting for himself. Some people like music, some sport games, and some really enjoy watching films. 
Film festivals are the events I am unterested in a lot. 
This year I watched all the movies from the 4th Odessa Internationa Film Festival. Festival is usually held in mid-summer. It becomes more and more popular every year. It takes abou a week and  they show a lot of movies from different countries and domestic obversiously too. You can take part in the festival as a visitor or as a volonteer and to help the organizers and to enjoy the atmosphere. You can see there a lot of famous people, politicians, celebrities, show-men, and directors and eve take photo with them and communicate a little.
At the end of the week the audience chooses the best fils they liked and get their prises.
I really like this festival and hope to come there next year.