надо было заполнить пробелы со словами: for, to while, from, on, when, of, during, at(слова можно использовать несколько раз.)

on friday it was raining the whole morning and we decided to go on(?) madame tussauds.

when(?) we got to the museum it was already 11 am.
from(?) 11 to(?) 12.30 we were standing in line for tickets
to(?) the next two hours we were going from room to room and watching the wax models of famous people. while(?) i was taking a photo with at(?) michael jackson , my friend said, "i want a photo with michael jackson. on(?) our excursion i could hear from different rooms"i want a photo with beckham , i want a photo with leonardo di caprio. look! i want a photo with the queen!" . the models were great and we had a great time of(?) museum. we got to the hotel during(?) 3.


Ответы и объяснения

For the next 2 hours...
with Michael Jakson...
during our excursion...
a great time at museum..