Проверьте мой монолог по английскому, пожалуйста :3
1. My school is good, but far from ideal .
2 . I believe that in the future schools should strongly change.
3 . Firstly, for it will become more interesting to learn to pupils,in school must appear scientific laboratories, equipped gym, swimming pool.
4 . Can will be better our classroom.
5 . Second, teachers should be more gracious and understanding.
6. Third, school canteen should be a great choice.
7. Fourth, must appear electronic diaries .
8. And it will be able to use phones and tablets .
9. Fifth, in the school of the future may change the schedule .
10 . It would be nice if the brake will be longer , and lessons will be later.
11. And that was a big change for lunch.
12. And also, I think all schools should have lockers.
13. Very difficult each time wearing to school all textbooks .


Ответы и объяснения

Хороший монолог..) учить его легко будет))
но ошибок нет?
вроде бы нету) всё хорошо:3
я не учитель, но англ. яз. знаю на 4, в гимназии учусь) так что, по-моему нету))
спасибо :3