It 14(to be)__________ ten o`clock news
and I 15(to speak) __________ to you
from Cambridge
where the final of the Word Quiz championship will be held tomorrow. The favourite
is Tom Hastings, the man who 16(to
know) everything. Twelve months ago no one 17(to
hear) __________ of Tom although he 18(to

take) __________ part in
such competitions for 5 years already.
Now suddenly he is a big star. He 19(to
answer)__________ every question correctly since the beginning of the
tournament. When he 20(to arrive) __________
here two days ago, hundreds of fans 21(wait)
__________ at the station to welcome him. Since his arrival he 22(to read)__________encyclopedias in
his hotel bedroom. If things 23(go) __________well
for him, he 24(become)__________ the
first prize winner. He will have to 25(reply)__________
to seventeen thousand questions tomorrow with even no meal breaks.

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Ответы и объяснения

14. is 15. am speaking 16. knows 17. heard 18. had taken 19. has answered 20. arrived
21. were waiting 22. has been reading 23. go 24. will become 25reply