образуйте правильное окончание: (er или or): to read to work to teach to invest to sail to create to write to act to sing to train to deal to visit to dance to fit to drive to buy to manage to think to speak to build to conduct to wait(on) to run to play to design to distribute to produce to supervise to conduct to organize to dream


Ответы и объяснения


 to read - a reader (читатель)

 to work - а worker (рабочий)

 to teach - a teacher (учитель)

 to invest - a investor (инвестор)

 to sail -  a sailor (моряк)

 to create - а creator (создатель)

 to write - a writer (писатель)

 to act - а actor (актёр)

 to sing - a singer (певец)

 to train - a trainer (тренер)

 to deal - а dealer (дилер)

 to visit - a visitor (gjctnbntkm)

 to dance - a dancer (танцор)

 to fit - а fitter (монтёр)

 to drive - а driver (шофёр)

 to buy - а buyer (покупатель)

 to manage - а manager (менеджер)

 to think - а thinker (мыслитель)

 to speak- a speaker (оратор)

 to build - a builder (строитель)

 to conduct - a conductor (кондуктор)

 to wait(on)- a waiter (официант)

 to run - a runner (бегун)

 to play- a player (игрок)

 to design- a designer (проектировщик)

 to distribute- a distributor (

 to produce- a producer (дистрибьютор)

 to supervise- a supervisor (наблюдатель)

 to conduct- a conductor (проводник)

 to organize- a organiser (организатор)

 to dream- a dreamer (мечтатель)