Write a paragaph (10-12Sentences) about what teens like to do in their free time. Помогите пожалуйста,только не надо взятый с интернета)


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Да это легко.Most Ukrainian teens now prefer computer games or comunicate in computer sites. It`s very bad for our gesund. Modern society is very lazy. There are many science and sport sections, but modern teens don`t go there. Sport make people healthy, keeps them bit more organized. That`s why modern children are week. There are a lot of science, such as informatic, maths, where childen can go to better their knowledges and its free. Some people(for.ex. yourth? which love each others) can go to the cinema, or on the concert. In the concerthalls people can hear music. Some people prefer sport games. It`s very useful for you health. You can play football, volleyball, hockey...  A few percent of teens prefer reading. They read books or magazines.  In suumer many teens go to their grandparents and help them. Some person go at the seasidе........... и т.д. и т.п. Легкая тема .