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A day I'll never forget
A day I'll never forget was the day I started my final exams at university. I thought that the first exam was in the afternoon but my friend waked me up at 9 o'clock and told me to hurry as we was going to be late.The exam began at 9.30. We run all the way to the exam centre, but, unfortunately, when we were going up the steps, I fell and hurted myself. Then the exam was started. I knew I haven't studied enough but I stayed in my seat for as long as possible, writing down everything I knew on the exam paper. When I left the exam, half an hour earlier than everyone else, I meet my Professor, who asked me how it had gone. I wasn't wanting to tell him the truth so I said, 'Very well.' He said he had learned me everything he knew about his subject and he waited I'd get good marks. OfcourseIfailed.


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Woke me up
to hurry up as we could have been late
hurt myself
I knew I hadn't studied
i was sitting as long as
i met my professor
i didn't want to tell
he wanted me to get a good mark