Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в Past Simple,Present Continuous,Prasent Simple или Present Perfect.
1. What you (to do) here at such a late hour? You ( to write) your composition? - No, I ( to write) it already. I ( to work) at my report. - And when you ( to write) your composition? - I ( to fihish) it two days ago. 2. I say, Tom, let's have dinner. - No, thank you, I already ( to have) dinner. 3. What the weather ( to be) like? It still (to rain)? - No, it (to stop) raining. 4. Please give me a pancil, I ( to lose) mine. 5. I ( not to meet) Peter since Monday.


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Are you doing, did you write, have written, I am working, did you write, finished, have already had, what is the weather like, is it still raining, stopped, lost, haven't met 
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