1. Have you___relations? - No, I haven't___, I have___relations. 2. Has she___nephews or nieces? — She has___nephews. 3. She has___sisters, she has only brothers. 4. Do you know___about Chinese art? 5. They have___cousins in Minsk. 6. Have you___brothers? - No, I haven't___, I have___brothers. 7. I have___good friends. 8. We did not know___about his problems: he told us___. 9. Have you got___interesting books? 10. Have you___friends in America? 11. He has___English books in this bookcase. 12. Did you meet___on your way to school? 13. Have you got___pencils in your bag? 14. Do we have___chalk on the blackboard? 15. How could I know that he was ill?___told me___. 16. She has___mistakes in her test.

.Вставьте "some", "any", "no" или их производные.

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