Сочинение на тему мой любимый урок ( английский язык!!!) НЕ МЕНЕЕ 10 ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЙ!!!


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Most of all I like English. I am happy that we have an opportunity to learn it on our school lessons. We have 3 lessons a week. English is very important now.It is spoken practically all over the world. It has become the world's most important language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations. English is one of the official languages of the United  Nation Organization. It is the second working language in the European Community.  Half of the world's scientific literature is in English. It is the language of computer technology.

To my mind English is worth studying. Every well-educated person in the world speaks English. Besides, understanding and speaking a foreign language became necessary while applying for a good and well-paid job. Nowadays, a lot of people study foreign languages in every possible way. Foreign-language study groups are organized at industrial enterprises, at the offices of big firms, at the educational establishments, at research institutes A lot of foreign delegations come to our country, hundreds of joint ventures have appeared in every city of our country recently. So without doubt you can't do without learning this beautiful language.