Помогите завтра нужно!!!! проект по теме "Лето" на английском


Ответы и объяснения

That's the long-awaited summer! After a cold winter so like heat , caressing sun . Finally , you can spend your free time in nature and enjoy the surroundings. On warm sunny days and wants to leave the bustling city and go on nature to gain strength . Very nice in the summer in the park or forest. That's where you can forget about the problems and concerns . Taking a walk in the park or in the woods , you can remove the tension , forget about all the insults and rejuvenate. It is the nature helps a person to recuperate , so it is important to spend as much free time in the summer on the nature.
Forest in summer is particularly interesting . If you are walking in the woods , try to listen to everything that is happening around you . Listen to the birds singing , especially in early summer.
Especially beautiful nature in the early morning , when the sun's rays begin to slide on the ground sleeping . They enter the race and the whole meadow shimmers like someone spilled on it millions of tiny diamonds. It makes you want to fall into these diamonds and feel their coolness. But after a couple of hours the sun rises above the meadow and diamonds can not withstand the pressure of hot sunlight and disappear. Came another warm summer day , full of nice surprises and surprises.

Summer Vacation - this three wonderful months that you can spend as you wish. One may want to meet with friends , read any books, travel or go to my grandparents and meet the children who live there . Summer holidays mean you can sleep as long as you want, and then how much you want to drive the ball in the yard or sew dolls some clothes , sitting with friends on a blanket spread out in the yard. And yet - you can eat ice cream every day .
Summer Vacation - this bathing in the river or in the lake , and if you're lucky, and in the sea. Sea in summer is always such a fabulous , fantastic colors . And nakupatsya enough impossible, we always want more and esche.Kogda start summer vacation , it immediately raises a lot of plans on how to conduct them . And when the holidays come to an end , you realize that is not satisfied and a half. Have to wait for the next vacation.