Помогите сделать рассказ о вымирающем животном по английский
Примерно 5-6 предложений СРОЧНО
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Ответы и объяснения

Wolves The big bad wolf eats the poor little pig or chases Little Red Hood Riding Hood. The brave hunter comes along and - BANG!- the wolf is dead. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world there are no more wolves living in wild. And all it because the wolf has traditionally been seen as an evil enemy. In fact, this misunderstood animal has many virtues. Wolves are superb hunters. They prefer hunting wild animals to domestic ones. They do not over-populate, but keep their numbers at the level they can feed. As for killing people, conversationists insist that this is simply not true. "Wolves avoid people. We have to teach the world that wolves only attack human beings in fairy tales". People in favour of bringing wolf back say this : "Let our children have the chance to hear a wolf howl at the moon on a still, Scottish night, and let us be proud that we made it possible"