I. (1 point for each item) Read the text and choose the most suitable word to complete it.

Presents and present giving should be 0 a . The whole 1___ of giving presents is that you should enjoy planning a 2___ pleasure and surprise for someone. The 3___ of a present is the 4___ important thing about it. What matters is that it is a token of your love and 5___ of the person. Those who never give anything away are 6___ to be disappointed and unhappy people.

An 7___ present should be something one will like and want, not just something you like. Everyone has simple 8___ as well as 9___ ones and you can usually find something inexpensive or 10___ to make with your own hands. The simplest present is often the most appreciated. The most successful present givers shop all year 11___ for presents. They see just the right present for a friend, buy it then and there at once and put it 12___ till it wanted. In this case, you can keep a list of 13___ presents for your friends so that when the time comes, you can go out to buy something special.

0. a) fun b) sport c) merriment d) amusement

1. a) concept b) opinion c) idea d) impression

2. a) uncommon b) distinctive c) different d) special

3. a) benefit b) prize c) value d) virtue

4. a) small b) least c) tiniest d) greatest

5. a) improvement b) appreciation c) esteem d) enjoyment

6. a) sure b) fixed c) steady d) convinced

7. a) imaginary b) ideal c) supreme d) satisfactory

8. a) tastes b) flavours c) tries d) savours

9. a) excessive b) exaggerated c) extravagant d) extreme

10. a) comfortable b) effortless c) gentle d) easy

11. a) round b) about c) away d) before

12. a) distracted b) away c) absent d) not at home

13. a) distracted b) acceptable c) suitable d) gratifying


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