Помогите проверить ошибки в тексте! Кто поможет ДАМ 40 БАЛЛОВ!

Once my class went to the camp «Ural dawns».
We often went there to relax. When we checked into the room, we had
free time. We were bored and we thought what to do. I knew this camp,
because every summer I came here to relax. I knew that outside a
fence there is a thrown old camp. And I invited friends to go for a
stroll. All agreed. We found a hole in the fence and ran away while
nobody saw. We wandered around the building and suddenly heard
terrible groans and cries. We were very scared and ran away. Then we
learned that we were frightened boys. We were laughing about how they
lied to us. But when the boys went to sleep, we decided to take
revenge on them. We smeared their toothpaste. It was very funny and

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нет больше я не вижу, однако влзможно лучше заменить некоторые поедложения в pasr simpl на past perfect если вы его проходили.
проходили, но я в этом ВОООБЩЕ не разбераюсь(((((((( А вы можите заменить мне?
ой извени не goes а go

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...when we have checked into the room we had a free time... ...I knew this camp, bacause every summer I came here to relax...
а 2 предложение "I knew this camp, because every summer I came here to relax. " там же не чего не изменилось??? 0_0