Ответы и объяснения

1) She said that she couldn't find her bag.
2) He said that they were working in the garden then.
3) She said to us that they had got married six months ago.
4) He said that he would go shopping the next day.
5) He said that he had bought a new car the week before.
6) She asked George when he would call to her.
7) She asked if he could play the piano.
8) He asked me how old was I.
9) She asked Pete if he liked fish.
10) He asked Jane who was there.
11) He said that he was wathing TV while she was cooking.
12) Mother asked me why I was late.
13) They asked me if I could speak English
14) Sophie told me that she had bought a new camera the day before.
15) They said that Jane had ordered a new fridge that day.