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Hotdinnersschool packIf you’re in a school without a kitchen, it’s going to be a huge challenge to get hot meals in place for your kids. Since I started filming the follow up to the school dinners tv programme, Return to School Dinners, Tony Blair has promised that every school without a kitchen can apply for money to build one. You need to contact the Department for Education and find out how, and what help you’ll be able to get with the planning.Meanwhile, what can your school do to serve kids a hot meal when there’s no kitchen to cook it in? I’ve been trying to figure this one out… I spent some time in Lincolnshire, linking up local schools and catering businesses to get a hot school meal service going. It’s all about getting people within the community to work together to give kids a proper lunch without having to find the money for a major kitchen building project. This pack will help you do the same in your school. It’ll help you to link up with your local pub, restaurant or cafe, or even hospital or factory canteen. In fact, anyone local who’s cooking good, honest, fresh grub every day and has a bit of spare capacity to help out is a potential partner in getting good food on the menu for the kids.Why is it so important to give kids a hot meal? Because we need to react to the sad state of health of the nation’s kids, who are suffering from a man-made health problem. We need to get kids off the junk. This could be the chips they buy from local shops, the fizzy drinks, sweets and crisps they eat every day instead of proper food. These foods are full of salt, fat and sugar and eating them on a daily basis will reduce the brainpower and life expectancy of the kids in your care. Think about it!hi guysWithout a doubt a tasty, nutritious hot meal has a dramatic impact on behaviour, concentration and the ability to retain information. A balance of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables will provide the nutrients your kids need for healthy growth. And loads of teachers believe it helps them to get more out of school lessons.Over the next few months, I’d like you to be brave enough to hunt around and find a way of getting hot meals into your school (even if it’s for the kids on free school meals who are likely to be most at risk). You need to be realistic about how difficult this will be. You’ll need to get the support of lots of people – governors, teachers, parents and the kids themselves. And you’ll need to find a great local partner to work with who believes in supporting their local community.This Feed Me Better Pack contains recipes for a two-week menu cycle to serve the kids in your school. These have been nutritionally analysed to ensure they meet the new government standards for school meals, and can be cooked on a low budget so they’re affordable for parents. In the pages that follow, we’ve covered the basics, with something for the school, the parents, the midday supervisors and some things you need to know about health and hygiene. So, make sure you’ve got everyone on board and take it slowly. You’ll find that, in six months’ time, you’ve started to make real change in your school. If there’s ever a time to act it’s now! These children are our future. It’s up to you to make it happen.Love