Выбери , объясни и напиши глагол в нужной форме .
1) Her elder sister ... a great party recently /
a) is arranging b) arranged c) has arranged d) arranges
2) His little sister usually ... care of their pets .
a) is taking b)took c) has taken d) takes
3) Yesturday we ... out and and had a nice time at the disco .
a) are going b) went c ) go d) has gone
4) Ny nephew is tired / He ... jast ... out the rabbish .
a) has gone b)has taken c)will take
5)We ... ... to give up this job .
a)has gone b)are going c) will go


Ответы и объяснения

1. С) здесь имеется маркер Present Perfect - recently.
2. D) маркер Present Simple - usually
3. B) маркер Past Simple - yesterday
4. В) маркер Present Perfect - jast.
5. В) тут известное сочетание слов - to be going to - собираться что-то сделать.