Сделать словосочетания или предложения с этими словами.

[big brown] | [blouse sweater ]
[ short red ] | [boots trainers ]
[ small black] | [cap T-shir t ]
[ long reen] | [coat shoes ]
[ nice yellow] | [dress trousers ]
[ new grey ] | [jasket clothes ]
[ dirty orange] | [jeans raincoat ]
[clean pink] | [mittens ]

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Ответы и объяснения

1) big house
2 good weather
3 short is red
4 small cat
3 не то
и не все написал(а)
yellow cap
brown blouse
short T-shirt
red sweater
new trainers
clean boots
pink coat
dirty shoes
nice mittens
long trousers
small black dress
orange jaсket
green raincoat
grey jeans
big clothes
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1)THE BIG BROWN BEAR WATCHED US 2)the short red thread was tied on a sphere 3)the car was very small and black 4)at the boy I was very long green small lamp 5)today the nice yellow sun shone 6)to me bought new gray gym shoes 7)Alis came in a dirty orange dress 8)she came in clean pink shoes 9)my friend likes to put on sweaters and blouses 10)the trainer forbade me to come in boots 11)he has very cool cap 12)Bella was in a white coat and in black shoes 13)she doesn't wear trousers and puts on only dresses 14)at Edvord there is a lot of clothes and majority these are jackets 15)in the fall all put on raincoats and jeans 16)at a jacket lovely mittens
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