Задание:Write down the dialogue in reported speech in the past tenses.
(Запишите диалог в косвенной речи в прошедшем времени.)
Lion: What going on?Who is here?
Mouse: Do yo see me?
Lion: Who are you?
Mouse: I'm your friend. Can I help you? Lion: Yes, please. But how will you do it?
Mouse: Don't worry. I can gnaw the net.
Lion: Why do you want to help me? Are you afraid of me?
Mouse: Oh ho no! I'm just your friend.


Ответы и объяснения

Lion asked him what going on and who was here. Mouse asked Lion if he saw her. Lion asked her who she was. Mouse answered that she was her friend and asked if she could help him. Lion agreed and asked how she would do it. Mouse told him didn't worry. Lion asked Mouse why she wanted to help him and if she were afraid of him. Mouse said that she was your friend.
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я девочка, ахах, была рада помочь :)
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