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Many years ago,in the early days of man's history a man called all the animals to see him and began to speak:
"Are all present?"he asked.
"Yes,everbody is present,"answered the horse.
"My dear friends!Listen to me!"I am angry with you.You are very lazy,you do not do anything.You have learned nothing.You cannot go on like this,it's time for you to learn to do something.In a month's time I want you to come here and show me what you a lot of things if you want to."
With these words the man got off the stone and said good-bye to the animals.
The animals soid good-bye to the man and to each other and left.


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  • neznajkin
  • почетный грамотей
Long ago a man called all the animals for a talk. He was angry with them because they did n't want to do anything and were lazy. The man ordered them to learn some skills and to show it in a month.