Present Perfect/ Past Simple. Use either the Present Perfect or Past Simple in the following sentences. a)Past Simple b) Present Perfect

1) George went to the cinema,but he_______ (not to enjoy) the film much.

2) ________you ever____(to have) any serious illness?

3) I____(tocome) to school without glasses. I can"t read the text.

4) Who_____(to eat) all the apples?

5)So far we____(to have) no troubles.

6) Jane____(to move) to a new flat a month ago.

7)We____(to wonder,often) where he gets his money.

8) do you know that they____(to be born) on the same day?

9) how often___you___(to fall) in love?

10)I"m delighted to tell you that you___ (to pass) your exam.

11) I____(to use) to swim every day when I was young.

12) I_____ (to break,already) two plates. Shall I go on washing up?

13) I"m not sure we___(to meet) before.


Ответы и объяснения

1) didn't enjoy
2) Have you ever had...
3) I've come
4) Who has eaten...
5) had
6) moved
7) We ofter wondered...
8) were born
9) ... do you fall in love?
10) You've passed
11) I used to...
12) I've already broken
13) ...have met...