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Patriotic War of 1812 important page in the history of not only our country, but all over Europe. Having entered into a series of «Napoleonic wars» Russia acted as the patroness of monarchical Europe. Thanks to Russian victories over the French global revolution in Europe managed to postpone for some time. The war between France and Russia was inevitable, and June 12, 1812 gathered 600 thousand army, Napoleon forced the Neman and invaded Russia. The Russian army was the plan of the opposition to Napoleon. The plan was developed by the Prussian military theorist Cafés, and approved by the Emperor Alexander I. ful Russians divided the army into three groups: the 1st commanded Barclay de Tolly; 2nd Bagration; 3rd Tormasov. Ful assumed that the army will be gradually to retreat on fortified positions, to connect, and keep the onslaught of Napoleon. In practice, however, came the catastrophe. Russian troops retreated, and soon were the French near Moscow. The plan Ful completely failed, despite the desperate resistance of the Russian people.Patriotic War of 1812 is an important event in Russian History. The war of 1812, caused an unprecedented surge of national consciousness of the Russian people. Defended their Fatherland everything from small to large. Victory in this war, the Russian people confirmed their courage and their heroism