Помогите пожалуйста составить рассказ про героя дисней на английском


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Mickey mouse (Micky English. Mickey Mouse cartoon character, one of the symbols of the company Walt Disney and the American pop culture in General. Is an anthropomorphic mouse. Data about a birthday is not entirely clear. The official birthday of Mickey is November 18, 1928. It is in this day, revealed to the world the cartoon «Steamboat Willie.» Although for the first time, the audience got acquainted with Mickey even for 183 days (15 may), when there came forth a little dumb cartoon «Mad aircraft»[5]. Says the high and thin voice. Until 1947 Walt Disney personally voiced Mickey mouse, because of chronic cough from Smoking was forced to terminate the VoiceOver. Then the company Disney entrusted with this work Jimmy MacDonald. From 1977 till 2009 Mickey mouse voiced Wayne Alvin. Appears frequently in the company of a friend Donald and of dog named Pluto. In addition, Mickey has a friend named Minnie. Mickey mouse appeared in cartoons, comic books, video games and entertainment parks. Mickey mouse appeared in 1928, after Walt Disney lost rights to your first character, the lucky rabbit Oswald. First a short animated film with Mickey mouse were drawn Abom Yorkcom, the main companion of Walt Disney. Subsequently, with the growing popularity of Mickey mouse began to appear in feature films, television, comic books and various subjects. Ru  Клавиатура Мобильная версия Новости сервиса Виджет перевода Перевод в браузере РазработчикамПользовательское соглашение Справка Обратная связь