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Read the text and retell it
At ihe doctor’s
My mother suddenly fell ill. She had a high temperature and felt very bad. She had a splitting headache and a cough. We sent for our district doctor. The doctor came and asked my mother to strip to the waist She examined her, felt her pulse and took her temperature. It was the flu. The doctor told my mother to keep to her bed and prescribed some medicine, cups or mustard plasters and hot-water bottle to her feet Next doctor put down a slip for x-ray and blood examination.
My mother followed the doctor’s instructions and in ten days my mother felt much better. She went to the policlinic for a check up Ihe doctor said she had fully recovered Vocabulary To fall ill заболеть
splitting headache мучительная тловная боль cough - кашель
to strip to the waist - раздеться до пояса
to examine осмотрен.
to feel one’s pulse - прощупать пульс
took her temperature - измерять кмиературу
to keep to her bed - лежать в кровати
to prescribe - прописать
cups - банки
mustard plasters - горчичники hot-water bottle - грелка slip - направление x-ray - рентген
blood examination - анализ крови to recover - поправиться
I.earn by heart
- Hi'How are you?
- Oh. not so good.
- What’s the matter?
- I have a terrible cold.
- Really? That’s too bad. Have you taken anything for it?
- No, not yet
Well, do you know what you should do? Chop up some garlic and cook it in chicken stock Then drink a cup every half hour It really works.
- Well, let’s hope for the best Thanks

Find good advice for each problem
. ____
ProblemsA bad headache —Take some aspirin
11 A sore throat _______—Щ Don**llft anything heavy
2 A backache-—2*^^____И See a doctor
Ц A cough —
^1 A toothache ь A fever j I The flu> Go to bed and rest
Get some medicine from the drugstore >See the dentist -1 Drink lots of liquidsGetting to sleep
Normally, people sleep between seven and eight hours a day. although some people need more, some less than this. Hut millions of people have trouble getting
to sleep even night.
According to sleep expert Dr. Robert Schachler, mans people do not know wh> the> have difficulty sleeping. Most people know- that tea and coffee often rtnL-a.j-li tfi.Mlft fA ПЛ с u*r» K^rano* rhi*v contain caffeine Hut some medicines, such