Скажи Автора учебника и класс.
5 класс Кузовлёв
у меня один учебник

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- Hi, Mike. How are you?
-  I am fine, and you? -
- I'm fine too.
- What are you going to do during the  spring and summer holidays?
- Oh, in spring I am going to play sports and to take part in sports competitions. And you?
- No, I don't like sports. Will you go to your granny to the countryside?
- Yes, I will. We usually visit our granny on holidays. WE like to relax in the countryside.
- Will you go there by car?
- No, I think we will travel by train there. It is cheaper ans more interesting. 
- And what are your plans for the summer holidays?
- In summer I usually read books, ride my bike, watch TV and play computer games. Do you read books in summer?
- Yes, I do.
- What books do you usually read?
- I like the adventures
- And what about you?
- I prefer detective novels. Will you travel anywhere?
_ In summer we usually visit my aunt Polly. She lives near the Sea. I love swimming in the sea!
- that's great!