да у меня контрол
хотя бы несколько можешь сделать!?
Я все могу сделать.
сделай пожалуйста!
киньте то что сделали

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1) The doctor advised Nick not to eat fast food one month.
2) Kate said to her friend to watch the programme about teenagers.
3) Anne said to me that she had visited many museums the previous summer.
4) Sash said that she had never heard about it.
5) She said to her mother that she had gone to see her friend. Her friend was ill.
6) They said to me that they would go to the bookshop after school the next day.
7) My friend said that they woud buy two tickets for that new film.
8) Oleg said that his room was on the second floor.
9) The woman said to her son that she was glad to see him.
10) He said to her that he wanted to see her that day.
11) The teacher said to Jack that he worked hard.
12) She said that she had spent her holidays in the Crimea the previous year.
13) The mother said that the children were in the nursery.
14) He said to them that they could leave the key.
15) She said to us that they had not come yet.