Напишите рассказ 10-15 предложений с использованием past continuous:
Writing Write about what you and your family were doing at seven o'clock yesterday evening.

At seven o'clock yesterday evening my Mum...


Ответы и объяснения


это к примеру но я не уверена

What were you doing at 4 o’clock yesterday?
I was having dinner with a friend.
My mother was working as a cleaner that summer.
When my dad was painting the ceiling he split some paint on the floor.
John arrived when I was cooking supper
While Ann was sitting doing nothing, I was working out a plan to get us home. 
At that time he was always speaking too much.
We were too often losing something yesterday.
I was wondering if you’d like to come out with me in the evening
I was hoping he would come back soon.

надо что то на типе такого:
at seven o'clock yesterday Mum was in shop. She was buying food for dinner. Dad at the same time was in garage. He was repairing the car. My aunt was...
я бы сам написал дк фантазии не хватает