I'm having a great time in Barcelona! I think it's the ______ (1) amazing city I've ever _____ (2) to! I've ______ (3) done lots of things. Yesterday we had a lovely walk around the "Barri Gottic", the ______ (4) and most beautiful part of the city. It was amazing! It has narrow, cobbled streets and really old buildings. We've also visited the Picasso Museum and _______ (5) a fantastic bus tour of the city. I haven't been ______ (6) that amazing cathedral, the "Sagrada Familia" yet, but I think I'm going tomorrow. I can't wait to show _____ (7) my photos when I get back. ______ (8) you soon

1. A: More B: Most C: Much 2. A: Been B: Gone C: Went 3. A: Already B: Just C: Yet 4. A: Older B: Old C: Oldest 5. A: Took B: Taken C: Take 6. A: From B: At C: To 7. A: Your B: Yours C: You 8. A: Seeing B: See C: Sees

Well, here I am in Egypt! I'm having ______ (1) wonderful time! Cairo is a huge city - the ______ (2) city in Africa, I think. It's certainly much more noisy and even ______ (3) crowded than Boston! I've only been here for 3 days but we've _____ (4) done lots of amazing things. On the first day we _____ (5) to the Egyptian Museum and then we shopped for souvenirs in an amazing open-air bazaar. I haven't ______ (6) to the Pyramids yet, but we're going tomorrow hopefully. I can't believe they're _____ (7) 5000 years old! See _____ (8) when I get back!

1. A: The B: A C: Some 2. A: Biggest B: Bigger C: Big 3. A: More B: Much C: Many 4. A: Just B: Yet C: Already 5. A: Gone B: Went C: Go 6. A: Been B: Going C: Gone 7. A: Ago B: About C: From 8. A: Your B: Yours C: You


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1 b, 2 a, 3 a, 4. c. 5. b. 6.c 7.c. 8b
1.b. 2. a. 3. a. 4.c. 5.b.. 6 a. 7 b. 8 c.