Выберите верный вариант: Present Perfect
/ Past Simple

Last year’s exhibition
… very popular with

a) was b) did c) has been

2. They … just
much attention to our goods
on display .

a) paid b) have paid c) were

3. We …
any joint venture
last year .

a) haven’t set
up b) weren’t set up c) didn’t set up

He …
already about that
fair in detail.

told b) has
told c)was told

5. The day
before yesterday we …
a contract with
Puma company .

a) made b) have made c) has made

6. Their Sales
Manager … interested in business contacts
with this company
lately .

a) became b) has become c) have become

7. Your equipment
… requirements of your
previous customers?

a) did , meet b) has being
meet c) was

8.You … ever
participants of any
international exhibition?

a) have been b) has being c) did


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