Помоги пожалуйста придумать ессе на английском языке на свободную Тему . Тема должна быть интересная текст должен быть 8-10 предложений. Прошу вас помогите пожалуйста

хобби. подойдет?
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I have a holiday soon. But I don`t know: ,,what I doing on holiday?,,. I found a solution to this problem! I have a hobby now. My hobby is teniss! I like it. I go to teniss on Monday, Wendneday and Friday. It is very cool! I have competitions of teniss, soo. I play in a big teniss! But I like ping-pong,too!sometimes when I have free time I take the racket, ping pong tables, and stuff!!I like my hobby. I not every time play in teniss. Sometimes I meet with my friend. Teniss is me hobby, and what about you?