Напишите эссе на тему "Воздействие технологий на общество" 180-200 слов.
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Ответы и объяснения

 Now technologies develope very fast, but how it is influence on the society - positive or negative? In my opinion it is positive, but everything has pluses and minuses. Lets have a look. On the one hand technologies helps people a lot, make their lifes more comfortable. For example some special platforms for disabled people on wheelchairs, which help them go upstairs, or some electronic gadgets which give us entertainment such as i-pads, or i-pods. But on the other hand all this makes our lifestyles unhealthier. We sit more in front of computers and other things. Also this gives a big damage for ecology. We need to think more about environment.                                               
 I think that modern human beeing can live in two ways. On the first road people help the nature with technologies, protect it. But on the second road they kill her with pollution and unwise using of her gifts such as oil and gas.
 In conclusion I want to say that everything must be thought and overthought before using. We can help our planet if we utilize electricity power with wisdom. If everyone will turn off the light in the special day - "Day of Earth" which is going to be on 22 of april we will give a rest for our planet. Everybody need some relaxation.