After the school year for all students is waiting a great season - summer. In summer all the children relax and recruited forces for the new school year. But for me this lastsummer vacation in school. After the last bell I'm going to pass exams and immerse themselves in the rest. As usual most of the summer I spend at my grandmother. She lives near the town in the country. There's a very beautiful nature, clean air and manylakes. But sometimes I will spend time in the city with my friends. This will be a greatsummer, because every day I will see friends and long walk. Also, I intend to visit several museums and theaters, go to several concerts. Maybe I still have a trip to the sea. In general, this summer will be as normal as everyone else. But almost at the end ofholidays for me is waiting entry into university.

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lastsummer раздельно,last summer.
 As usual most of the summer I spend at my grandmother, нужно писать in, а не at.
 manylakes, тоже раздельно, many lakes.
 greatsummer, и это раздельно, great summer :)
 ofholidays, здесь тоже, of holidays-это праздники,holidays-каникулы. Исправь, ибо то, ибо то.

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All students  are waiting a great season - summer after the school year.In summer all the children relax and recruiteforces for the new school year. But for me  it will be the last summer vacationsin school. After the last bell I'm going to pass exams and  have a little rest. As usual the  most  part of summer I spend at my grandmother*s. She lives in the country near the town.There's a very beautiful nature, pure air and many lakes. But sometimes spend time in the city with my friends.It  will be a great summer, because every day I will  meet friends and  walk with them. I  want to visit  some museums and theaters, go to someconcerts too. Maybe I will  have a trip to the sea. In general, this summer will be as normal as  previous ones. But  at the end of holidays  it will  a time of waiting for results  of  entring the university.