Переделайте предложения по образцу: It is difficult to learn English. – English is difficult
to learn.
1.It is important to help the lonely. 2.It is interesting to visit the English capital. 3.It is safe to cross the street at crossings. 4.It is difficult to learn to play the violin.
1.It is the top to visit Disney World. 2.It is expensive to buy a computer. 3.It is important to listen to the parents. 4. It is boring to read English newspapers.
1.It is necessary to save the nature. 2.It is exciting to watch the wildlife. 3.It is important to help our parents. 4.It is wonderful to make our own projects.
1.It is terrific to listen to long reports. 2.It is dangerous to make a fire. 3.It is tasty to use a bubble gum. 4.It is cool and stylish to have a player Sony.


Ответы и объяснения

1) The lonely is important to help.
2) The English capital is interesting to visit.
3) T
he street at crossings are safe to cross.
4) T
he violin is difficult to learn to play.
Disney World is the top to visit.
2) The computer is expensive to buy.
3) The parents are important to listen to.
English newspapers are boring to read.
The nature is necessary to save.
2) T
he wildlife is exciting to watch.
3) O
ur parents are important to help.
4) O
ur own projects are wonderful to make.
1) Long reports are terrific to listen to.
2) A
 fire is dangerous to make.
3) A
 bubble gum is tasty to use.
4) A
 player Sony is cool and stylish to have.
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