Напишите 10-15 предложений каким вы представляете какой нибудь год будущего, и рассказать что в нем нового могло бы быть.


Ответы и объяснения

City of the future, as I see it
We live in an imperfect world. There's a lot of pain, suffering, disease, poverty, hunger, and unrequited love. But in the future I'm sure these problems can be solved. I think people will be better off due to technological advances. Already, the Internet brings people together, helping them to share joy and sorrow, find friends. But in the future probably will be more and robots that will help people. And that will be your friends for them. Robots are already helping to do hard work, take it even fly to other planets. But it is much more difficult than to fly to another planet to make friends with the other person. Some people are very shy, for example. When you meet on the Internet that is easier to meet the person in real life. I think that in the future people will be friends and robots. That is, the robot become the best friend of man, he will become a member of the family. So the city of the future will be populated by half-human half-robots, and they will learn from each other how to make the world better.