Проверьте писмо, пожалуйста. очень срочно.
Dear Oleg ,
greeting from Abkhazia. Now we are his parents and sister in Athos. This is a wonderful place! traveling to Athos, we visited the very beautiful places. went to the mud caves where I mucked Sister Nick in therapeutic mud. it was very fun. Mom laughed at us. Then we rode on horseback in the mountains. first the whole family is very difficult to manage these animals were given, but soon we were able to do it. It's very clean sea. and we decided to make a night on the shore of kebabs. but failed. Suddenly a storm and very heavy rain. lightning struck a tree next and sister began to cry, we quickly packed up and ran into the house. He was very far away in the mountains and we tried as quickly as possible to reach the goal. how come I do not remember. were all very tired and full of adrenaline. the next day we went to the abandoned facility. there are very beautiful architecture of ancient times. I was a little surprised and delighted with this structure. it was very interesting to watch in the tunnel and wait for the train, which did not drain on these rails. we went to Lake Riza ... Oh .. it's a great place ... what a pure and emerald water. and wanted to dive into it and dissolve it. where we spent the whole day. there was still a lot of beautiful places, but the most memorable.
lost of love ,


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Оформление правильное, грамматика вроде тоже в норме.