Ответить на вопросы: 1. Have you seen graffiti in your town? Was it mostly tags or murals? Are there any authorised mural walls nearby? 2. Does draffiti make your town look better or worse? In what way? 3. In your opinion is graffiti art or vandalism? Would you welkome draffiti on the wall of your house? 4.Is graffiti illegal in Belarus? Do you believe graffiti should be banned? Why? 5. Have you ever graffitied? If yes, would you like to take part in a graffiti exhibition? If not, do you think it's easy to make? Would you like to learn how to do it? 6. If you were taking part in a street art exhibition, what theme for your graffiti would you choose? помогіте і дайте пожалуйста развернутый ответ


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1)Yes i have. it was mostly tags there are nearby walls 3) i think its art  yes i will 4) Maybe i dont know Noo i dont bulieve that graffiti should be banned because it s beatiful  and nice 5)Yes i d love to take part in graffiti exhibition  Yes i would like to learn how to do it 6)i havent taken part in a street exhibition  i will choose a game theme for my graffiti.