The globe theatre is one of the oldest London (built in 1599), situated on the South Bank of the Thames.

The history of the famous theatre was completed in three stages: in 1599 on the funds actors Lord Chamberlain's Men, which belonged to William Shakespeare, the first building was built of globe theatre, which was destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613. A year later, in June 1614 (when Shakespeare had already left London in Stratford), the theater building was restored, and lasted until 1642. And, finally, in 1997 opened the modern building of the theatre «Globus», recreated by the descriptions and parts of the Foundation, found during archeological excavations. However, the new building is situated 200 meters from the place where the original location of the theater.

The first «globe» was a typical public theatre in the early 17th century: the oval room, shaped like a Roman amphitheatre, wall-fenced, without a roof. The name of the theater got were standing in front of the statue Atlanta, supporting the globe, called the globe. The globe was encircled by a ribbon with an inscription in Latin: Totus mundus agit histrionem (the Whole world liegestuhl», or in more familiar translation - «the Whole world theatre»).

The auditorium of the first «Globe» was contained, according to different sources, from 1200 to 3000 people. The performances took place in broad daylight, under the endless noise of the votes of the audience loudly exchanging comments. The globe theatre was very popular due largely to the fact that on its stage was set all the plays of Shakespeare and other great playwrights of the era. In 1613, during the premiere of Shakespeare's «Henry VIII» in the theater was a fire: stage gun accidentally set fire thatched roof above the stage, the theatre was burned to the ground. The tragic end of the first «Globe» marked and change theatrical literary epochs: around the same time Shakespeare stopped writing plays, said goodbye to the world of theatre and went to Stratford. как вам это


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