Помогите. задание. поставьте глаголы в нужной форме present participle/perfect participle
1) ( to live ) in the south of our contry he can not enjoy the beauty of moscow
2) ( to read ) the story she closed the book and put it on the shelf
3) ( to buy ) some fruit and cakes we went home
4) ( to sit ) near the fire he felt very warm
5) ( to sell ) fruit he looked back from time to time hoping to see his friends
6) ( to sell ) his fruit he went to see his friends
7) ( to write ) out and ( to learn ) all the new words he was able to translatae the text easily
8) ( to look ) through some magazines i came across an interesting article about UFOs
9) ( to do ) homework he was thinking hard
10) ( to do ) homework he went for a work


Ответы и объяснения

1) living
2) having read
3) having bought
6)having sold
7) writing and learning - хотя может быть и having written our and having learnt. Мне по душе первый вариант, но зависит от контекста
8) looking
9) doing
10) having done

если действия одновременные, то глагол + ing/ Если одно действие завершилось, а потом началось другое, то having + 3 ф глагола. Удачи