диалог продавца и покупателя в магазине на английском языке( продавец предлагает CD Player)


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Первая реплика покупателя

-Good mornong

-Good morning. Can I Help you?

-You probably can. The thing is...Well, my son has a birthday next week  and I...

-And you don't know what kind of gift he prefers


-Not a problem. What does your son like?

-Give a minute...He likes sports

-What kind of sports?

-He likes mountain skiing

-I'm sorry but we don't have any mountain skiing equipment  rught now

-I see... He likes music too

-We have a  stylish walkmans and CD Players. Here. That one looks very nice

-Oh yeah, that's what I need. How much does it cost?

-Ten pounds

-Here it is

-Now your son will be happy

-Yes. thank youand good bye

-See ya (you)