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put verbs in brackets in the correct tense and voice forms.
1)This country___(to occupy)the territory in the south of the continent.
2)Many years ago the settlement_____(to separate)from the sea by the mountains.
3)The Museum of Culture_________(to open)in our city recently.
4)Monica_______(to send)them the invitation alresdy.She____(to send)it two days ago.
5)What projects (to finish)recently?
6)Who_____the newspapers usually___(to deliver) by?
7)The article____(to write) already.They______(to publish)it in yesterday`s newspaper.


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1) This country occupies the territory in the south of the continent.
2) Many years ago the settlement was separated from the sea by the mountains.
3) The Museum of Culture has been opened in our city recently.
4) Monica has sent them the invitation already. She sent it two days ago.
5) What projects have been finished recently?
6) Who are the newspapers usually delivered by?
7) The article has been written already.They published it in yesterday`s newspaper