Simple или

Past Continuous?

1. Peter (stay) at a

seaside hotel on holiday when he first (meet) his wife. 2. The sun

(shine) when I (set) out on my walk. 3. It (rain) when I (arrive) at

my des¬tination. 4. While I (have) lunch the sun (come) out again.

5. Peter (serve) in the artil¬lery when a mule (kick) him. 6. It

(kick) him as he (pass) behind it. 7. Where ... you (live) before you

moved here? 8. Who ... you (talk to) on the telephone just now? 9. As

Mary (type) the letter she (notice) many spelling mistakes. 10. While

Peter (carve) the chicken his wife (lay) the table.


Ответы и объяснения

1 was staying met
2 was shining set
3 was raining arrived
4 was having came
5 was serving kicked
6 kicked was passing
7 were you living
8 were you talking
9 was typing noticed
10 was carving layed