Мне нужно написать на английском языке ЭССЕ на тему: <Творчество Шекспира для меня это...> Минимум 70 слов. Плиз помогите!


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Shakespeare's works for me very interesting, great. I believe that the most famous works of Shakespeare is "Romeo and Juliet ." " Romeo Juliet " - a tragedy in five acts by William Shakespeare , describes the love of young boys and girls from two feuding old families - the Montagues and Kapuletti.Tvorchestvo Shakespeare is broad scope of interests and thoughts . In his plays reflected a huge variety of types , positions, ages and peoples . This wealth of imagination , fast-paced action , the power of passion typical of the Renaissance. These features are also found in other playwrights of the time, but only Shakespeare inherent amazing sense of proportion and harmony. Sources drama it varied. Shakespeare took a lot from antiquity , some of his plays imitation of Seneca , Plutarch and Plautus . Meet and borrowing from Italian novels. But mostly Shakespeare in his work all the same carries on the tradition of folk English drama . This mixing comic and tragic , the violation of the unity of time and place. Liveliness, brilliance and ease of style , all this is more typical for the popular drama .