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here is some information about John who wanted to get a job
Which of the two sentences contains a pharasal verb? Choose the sentence , underline the verb with the particle and translate the verbs.
1 a Put the applications in the box___________
b He has put in an application for a visa.__________
2 a I thought he was at home , but found him out ___________-
b I found out his secret ____________
3 a He likes to go into long explantations ._______-________
b He had to go into hospital ___________-
4 a He looked trough the open door._______-
b He looked through his exam paper_______-
5 a He is very quiet . What is he thinking of?_________
b CAn he think of somethink interesting to spend the time? __________
6 a He put his best suit on__________-
b He put his best suit on the sofa.____________


Ответы и объяснения

Ключи к упражнению 1.1) из Рабочей тетради:
1. a) положил ... в, 
    b) подал;
2. a) нашел ... на улице,
    b) обнаружил (раскрыл);
3. a) вдавать-ся,
    b) пойти;
4. a) посмотрел через,
    b) проверил;
5. a) думает,
    b)  придумать 
6. a) надел,
    b) положил ... на.