John is my closest friend. We __1__ in touch since we ___2___together in Oxford .John __3___in the City now. He ___4___ a lot of money. He ___5___he ___6___ his student life and that very soon he ___7 ___a partner in his firm. John __8__me.And I can`t ___9__why.I ___10___a career ,or money, or a flash car. But I also haven`t got a boss, a suit ,or a tie ,which I have __11__.So there __12__nothing that anyone can __13__me __14__or ___15___away from me .I __16__absolutely free. John ___17____18__that he ___19__me nut he ___20___,and I let him___21___ it.

1.a. were b. are c. have been d. has been

2. a. are b. were c. has been d. was

3. a. work b. worked c. has worked d. is working

4. a. makes b. make c. have made d. is made

5. a. is saying b. says c. said d. have said

6. a. doesn`t miss b .don`t miss c. wasn`t missing d. haven`t missed

7.a. become b. becomes c. is becoming d. will become

8. a. likes b. like c. is liking d. have liked

9. a. understand b. to understand c. understood d. understanding

10. a. hasn`t b. to doesn`t have c. didn`t have d. don`t have

11. a. wear b. to wear c. wearing d. worn

12. a. be b. are c. am d. is

13. a. to make b. made c. make d. makes

14. a. do b. doing c. to do d. did

15. . to take b. takes c. took d. take

16. a. be b. am c. are d. is

17. a. try b. tries c. tried d. was tried

18. a. to hide b. hide c. hides d. hiding

19. a. like b. likes c. liked d. would like

20. a. to do b. do c. does d. doing

21. a. to do b. do c. does d. doing


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