Напишите пожалуйста текст на английском на тему: рассказ о любимой книге


Ответы и объяснения

My name is Darina. I’m 14 years old. One of my favourite pastimes is reading. I read different types of books and magazines. My favourite genre of books is narrative stories. I’ve read a great number of books but at the moment my favourite book is the real-life story written by a famous Russian writer and film director Pavel Sanaev. The book is called “Bury me behind the baseboard”. It’s a modern autobiographical novel, which narrates about the life of the 8-year-old boy Sasha, who lives with his grandparents. The action takes place in Russia of the 80s. The mother of the boy is a frivolous woman, who can’t be trusted to raise the child. Opposed to his mother, Sasha’s grandparents are trustworthy and caring people. However, their overprotective style of upbringing gradually turns into a domestic tyranny, which makes the boy feel miserable. The book was also filmed in 2009. The plot remained original, without any changes, which is why the film was as successful as the book. In my opinion, this story teaches to measure the value of our feelings. Love is of course a good feeling, but the excess of any feeling can lead to negative effect. Another reason, why I liked the book is the author’s style of writing. It’s very neat, subtle and engaging, so I was interested in the events till the last page.