Употребите предложения в Passive Voice.
1. We will finish the work not later than on Friday. 2. Somebody has invited her to the party. 3. People laughed at her when she said it. 4. I felt that somebody was watching me. 5. Did they give you all the necessaiv books? 6. "Hie teacher explained a new rule to the students. 7. I showed the documents to the officer. 8. The director dictated a telegram to the secretary.
9. Have they told you everything? 10. They often refer to Professor Anacin's articles.


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1. The work will finished not later than on Friday. 2. She has been invited to the party. 3. She was laughed at when she said it. 4. I felt being watched. 5. Were you given all the necessaiv books? 6. The students were explained a new rule. 7. The documents were shown to the officer. 8. A telegram was dictated to the secretary by the director .
9. Have you been told everything? 10. Professor Anacin's articles
are often refered to.