1)What people usually borrow?
2)How teachers and parents encourage small children?
3)What can be private?
4)Why your holiday often depends on hotel and bus (train) service?
5)Where you can usually see crowds of people in summer and in other seasons?
6)When people usually retie from work?
7)What were the most important political events in our country last year?
8)How people can show their wisdom?
9)Which characters of your favorite books spent their childhood in poverty?
10)What people usually do to open a door?
Помогите ответить на вопросы!!!


Ответы и объяснения

1. Usually people borrow money.
2. They give them good marks or parents can buy them something for good marks. 
3. Our life or property can be privite.
4. Because hotels and transportation are the important parts of the holiday.
5. In suumer there are crowds of people on the beaches. In other seasons the shops can be crowded before Christmas and other holidays. 
6. People retire from work about 50-60 years. 
7. I am not very good at the politics. But I think that negotiations with Ukrain were very important for our country. 
8. Giving wise exams and sometimes keeping silence can show your wisdom.
9. Charlie from "Charlie ans chocolate factory" was very poor inhis childhood.
10. They use the key.